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PH: 208.772.5438
1121 W. Hayden Ave.
Hayden, ID 83835



Jim and Pilar Gibbs started Gibbs Lumber the tiny A-frame that is still standing out in the back of Gibbs Lumber today. Gibbs Lumber has been supplying lumber and building products in the Coeur d’Alene area for so long that some of the long-term customers still remember when “the ol’ Gibbs Lumber A-frame only had a couple of stacks of lumber to sell”. Jim Gibbs worked in the local sawmills creating the perfect transition to create Gibbs Lumber over 40 years ago.

Today, sons Robert and Eddie also help run day to day operations to keep the family name and business untarnished as they celebrate long, loyal customers as well as build new relationships with local builders. Gibbs has been successful through great relationships and word of mouth. Gibbs specializes in residential and commercial building contractor sales but is open to the general public as well.

The entire staff at Gibbs Lumber believes in providing helpful, friendly service, providing fair prices without compromising quality. Gibbs quality products stems from being selective in the sawmills they purchase from, the product lines they carry and how they handle their materials. Gibbs Lumber has a community reputation for being the longest standing lumber supply company in the area with the most knowledgeable staff.